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Choosing the Right Compact Appliance

Our compacts are designed to be versatile, giving you maximum use of minimal spaces. Our multifunction ovens, for example, can make a great second oven, but also provide you with essential microwave functions for everyday use.


Choose from a range of finishes to create the ultimate, flexible kitchen. Our compact appliances are designed to work together seamlessly and simultaneously, increasing your cooking options and extending your horizons in the kitchen.

When you’re combining them in a built-in kitchen unit, it’s important to consider height and positioning so you can use both appliances safely and easily.

Image shown:


Neff compact appliances have been standardised in terms of aesthetics and sizing, to give a streamlined look when positioned together, creating a 'wall' of Neff appliances.

Neff Slide&Hide® ovens have control panels that are the same height as Series 3 and Series 5 compact appliances in the In-Line Collection. Teaming the compact appliances with smaller warming drawers ensures that compact ovens and Slide&Hide® ovens can sit perfectly together side by side.



Microwaves only use about 1KW of energy per hour compared to 5KW in many conventional ovens.


Microwave ovens will save time in the kitchen. If you need to defrost something quickly or speed cook a dinner course they’re the ideal solution.

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