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Choosing the Right Hob

Everyone's different, but the chances are Neff has a hob that suits you and the way you like to cook. Like the control and responsiveness of gas? Then Neff has a full range to choose from. Or you may want to consider induction – quicker than gas, equally as responsive and very easy to clean and maintain. The Neff domino range includes induction, wok and even teppan yaki, all of which can be linked together to create a specialist cooking centre.


Do you want a gas hob or a ceramic hob?

How many zones or burners will you need? Many Neff hobs have five zones or burners, and several gas models include a specially designed wok burner.

Have you thought about combining gas hobs with electric hobs to increase your cooking options? See 'Domino Hobs' below.

Hob Options

Enhance your cooking experience with innovative features by Neff.

Gas Hobs

Gas hobs are still the most popular choice in the Neff range. We offer a range of finishes with either cast iron or enamelled pan supports.

Ceramic Hobs

Ceramic hobs are back in vogue. They have a smooth glass finish which makes them practical and easy to clean. They also look flush, neat and modern in the contemporary kitchen.

Induction Hobs

Induction hobs operate much more quickly than ceramic and are very easy to control. They save energy and are very safe, and there's little residual heat once the saucepan is removed from the hob.

Domino Hobs

These allow you to tailor make a flexible cooking centre by choosing and combining anything from a wok burner and double ceramic hob to a double gas burner, or barbecue grill and a deep fryer. You build the combination to suit your needs.

Ceramic Hob Finishes

Bevelled Design Trim

Standard Design Full Trim


Frameless With Front Faceted Glass

Gas Hob Finishes

Black Ceramic Glass Trimmed

Black Tempered Glass

Stainless Steel Finish

Black Finish

White Finish

Hob Cleaning

The easiest hobs to clean are ceramic, especially induction models.

Ceramic hobs are good because their smooth flat surface enables easy access and cleaning. Models that feature the unique "Point & Twist control" control make it easier as the magnetic control knob is removable to leave a surface that is easier to wipe clean. Models that are frameless with a facetted front edge provide an even easier option to keep clean. Induction hobs operate differently and have a strong electro magnet (or induction coil) positioned just under the ceramic cooking zones.

When you switch on the zone you want to use and place a ferrous metal bottomed pan on it this completes an electric circuit and the heat is transferred evenly to the pan and its contents.

Because the areas around the circular zones remain cool even during the cooking, if food spills or boils over, it won't ever get burn on to the surface. On a daily basis, induction hobs are wonderfully easy to maintain and keep spotlessly clean.

Hob FAQ's

Can I keep a long, slow simmer going with a gas hob?

Almost all of our hobs have an economy burner with a maximum output of 1kWh. This will give you excellent simmering results.

What’s better, front controls or side controls?

Most of our new hobs have front controls - if you're left handed, or find it difficult to reach, they should be easier to use. Several of our standard gas and ceramic hobs have side controls, but all our ceramic touch controls are positioned in the front.

If I buy an induction hob, will I have to buy new pans?

Not necessarily. You do need ferrous metal pans on an induction hob so that when the zone is on, the heat can transfer directly from the hob to the pan. There's an easy way to check your current pans to see if they will work. Simply test the base with a magnet, if it sticks your pan should work.

Hob Efficiency

Induction hobs are particularly energy efficient, because they only heat the pan and not the area around it. We've also introduced various innovations to all ceramic hobs, like extended zones, dual zones and residual heat indicators to make the most of the heat generated by your hob.

Hob Co-ordination

Neff hob units have been specially designed to complement Neff ovens in their styling and functionality. You can choose colour trimmed models to match other appliances, new frameless models for an even sleeker appearance, ones with oval knobs to match ovens or versions which blend in naturally with the worktops.

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