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The only oven with
the disappearing
door now
Cleans Itself

Slide & Hide® now with
pyrolytic self-cleaning.

Our unique Slide&Hide® oven not only gets you closer to your cooking, it now cleans itself too with Pyrolytic self-cleaning function.

Our Pyrolytic self-cleaning technology is a high temperature function that blasts grease, splatter and spillages into ash, which can then simple be wiped away, no chemicals needed. That’s all there is to it.

So you can spend your time in the kitchen creating dishes for your friends and family to enjoy.

The Pyrolytic range of appliances

Click on the product codes below to see which is the right oven for you.

Meet the cookaholics

Our NEFF Cookaholics go above and beyond the recipe books. They’re adventurous, driven and ambitious cooks who measure by eye and weigh by hand. Learn more about our Cookaholics including Sophie, a mum and musician who loves a good performance, and that’s true when she’s in the kitchen too.

Sophie wants to get close to her audience and closer to her cooking. That’s why she chose the NEFF Slide&Hide® oven with its disappearing door. Now she can savour every flavor, aroma, bubble and sizzle without being kept at arm’s length.

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