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We’ve done our research, and found that one of the main things that puts people off buying a new dishwasher is potential damage to glassware. Even people who can’t live without their dishwashers tend to wash their best glasses by hand to keep them in pristine condition.

And they have a point. Extreme temperatures, hard or over softened water can all have a detrimental effect, glasses can easily get shunted around inside the dishwasher and if they rub up against each other this creates fine scratches and markings. What’s more, drying glasses using hot air leaves streaks and drips, and can make them too hot to handle for unloading.

Taking all these points into account, we developed the five-point NeffSparkle® Glasscare system for all our new Series 4 and Series 5 dishwashers.

Neff Sparkle® is an automatic programme designed specifically for mixed loads which treats glassware with extra care, and includes AquaVario, a sensitive low-pressure spray system.

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